Standing on the liminal space of being, I find myself drawn into the grayscale world of a black and white photo of Marlene Dietrich. In this space, time feels fluid, and the boundaries between past and present blur. Dietrich’s unseen enigmatic gaze marks a moment suspended in eternity. I ponder on the allure of timeless beauty and the transient nature of existence. Her elegance, etched in monochrome, evokes a sense of nostalgia, a longing for an era where every shadow and light told a story. Here, in this threshold, I am neither fully in the past nor the present, but somewhere in between, where the essence of Dietrich’s mystique continues to resonate…. #elicitare#startingover faccio appello a #phoenixrising#polaroidwithoutseagull where do I go from here? 🤍

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